Do you notice your hair dry or damaged?

It is important to care for your hair, and pamper you as you deserve. Before the summer and during this time, It is when the sun suffers, the chlorine piscina..etc.

For this reason, we do a routine to prepare and get healthy and beautiful, thus remaining when the summer ends.

To achieve this result we recommend deep hydration treatment, as our line of Hyaluronic Pro, hyaluronic acid, Keratin and chia oil, unsalted sulfates.




Within this line you will find:

– Cleansing Balm Superhidratante, Perfect for a hair clean and moisturized.

– super moisturizing mask, to make your perfect hair, with body and shine, with extra moisture for deep nourishment.

– super moisturizing conditioner, moisturise your hair softens full.

– Instant Recovery Serum, Ideal to finish your treatment ends.



hair routine

We make washing hair with super moisturizing balm lavante, which give us an intense hydration. Massaged gently from roots to ends for 1-2 minutes.

Then we proceed to apply the mask or conditioner.

In the case of the mask, If we are looking for extra hydration, We apply it means to ends and leave act between 5-10 minutes. If we use conditioner to soften and moisturize our hair, you just have to leave it for a few minutes. Both products must be rinsed with plenty of water.

Once these two steps have made, we will apply the serum instant recovery, means to ends without clarify water. With this product we will get seal the cuticles and restore hair from daily stress of chemical and mechanical processes. Besides getting hydrated mane, protected and repaired, with a spectacular natural glow.


All our products can find them in our Maurens Centers, distributed nationally and internationally.



Hope you liked it, see you soon!!

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