[:es]How to prepare your skin for seasonal changes?

Spring is here and with it comes the good weather, the sun and the long-awaited activities we like to enjoy the outdoors. With the change of season and temperature suffer greater exposure to external aggressions, so the skins dry, sensitive and delicate need extra hydration. We can note the appearance of dryness, irritation and redness on the skin, not relieved with any kind of cream.

Why Azuleno and calendula are so beneficial to the skin?

Calendula is a plant used for over 3.000 years by the Egyptians, who considered it as a miracle for skin care. Since then she has a lengthy resume in use for skin care.

The most conspicuous virtue is attributed to calendula its nutritional and protective power, soothes and calms dry skin, sensitive and irritated.

azulene, is another ally of sensitive skin for its soothing properties, antiinflammatory and its ability to help repair damaged tissue and combat the consequences of changes in temperature and other climatic factors on sensitive skin. Improves skin's natural defenses, hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier.

Maurens brings you the best of nature

For all these benefits, Maurens It has created a face cream containing Azulene and Calendula.

Among its properties, the Azulene and Pot Marigold moisturizing cream gently care skin, protecting it from external aggression and unfavorable weather conditions. It helps the acceleration of skin regeneration and protects the UV radiation, preventing photoaging. In addition, antioxidant protection makes the skin shine of youthful vitality.

And is that the Azulene and Pot Marigold moisturizing cream It is a real success for sensitive skin.[:]

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