'If you suffer from sensitive skin you are interested in this post!!

There are many people who suffer from the symptoms of sensitive skin. Usually manifest as burning, itching, reddened areas, spalling…
If you've noticed this on your skin, you must go to dermatógolo to check your diagnosis and recommend products for sensitive skin, which they are those that today we will talk.




Within Maurens, We have a facial line dedicated to this type of skin. They are delicate and fragile skins that require special care when using facial products in our daily routine.

Normal skins support other product, it is easier sometimes find several that work them well, but if you have sensitive skin you will have passed sometimes it's more difficult to find your ideal cosmetic. Normally this is usually because, or we do not know that we have this type of skin and use products that are not appropriate, or simply because we've tested have not gone well for certain components or perfumes.




Sensitive skin should always use gentle products with soothing properties, as our Azulene and Pot Marigold moisturizing cream. This cream contains sunscreen, Moisturize your skin deep. Its content in azulene and calendula provides perfect protection and soothing properties for dry skin, sensitive and delicate. Tonic is recommended once you have applied the facial cleanser and, with clean face. In addition something that comes great is that, the size is larger than what we usually see in facial creams, since it contains 125 ml.



If we talk about cleaning for sensitive skin, It is a strong point of daily facial routine. They are delicate skins, you can not skip this step never. In our facial line we have two products for cleaning sensitive skin.

The Azulene Cleansing Milk, a fluid emulsion with soothing and decongestant properties, perfect for removing make the most sensitive faces. Deep cleans without damaging or irritating the skin types. It also has a large format, of 500 ml.
Once we cleared about our face, proceed to apply the Moisturizing tonic Azulene, it will refresh and moisturize our skin because it has soothing and decongestant. It also has the format 500 ml. Contains no alcohol.



'These were all our advice and recommendations for the care of sensitive skin!!


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