Your hair is rough and dehydrated?

It is normal after the summer your hair is dry, low light and lifeless. External agents have been responsible for damage and remove its vitality. Therefore we must make a moisturizing treatment and repair to recover.

dry hair


We started with our Keratin shampoo line Concept, keratin, argan oil and vegetable proteins. We will return the natural shine of our hair, avoiding frizz and sealing the cuticles. We get a hair that does not lose its structure, hydrous, without allowing breakage or scaly.

We apply our wet hair massaging and clarify with water.



After shampooing, we apply the mask to the same line. Keratin Concept features a hydro-repair mask, keratin, aloe vera and argan oil. In addition to protecting our hair, moisturizes and deeply nourishes. Also it manages to improve the texture and facilitates combing. Apply with wet hair and let it act between 5-10 minutes. Once this time has passed, clarifies your hair with water.



When we have already finished washing our hair, we apply another one of our flagship products, the Hyaluronic serum repairing the line Pro. Chia oil, keratin and hyaluronic acid gets seal the cuticles recovering your hair. It also moisturizes, protects, repairs and adds strength to your hair. You again have that natural glow and resistant hair.




'With this routine, You'll get your hair will look healthy, pretty, nourished and strong!!

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