With the arrival of autumn, the cold and heating systems, It is normal to notice our hair more dry than normal. If you've noticed this sensation in your hair, We give you a few tips and a routine to deal with this problem and restore your hair hydrated and healthy.

Despite having the tips you sanitized, or not overusing or dryer sheets, You may find yourself in this situation.


We give you 5 tips to care for your hair in autumn.

– The first thing is watch your diet, taking a balanced diet.

– Styling creams used for facilitate untangle your hair and Gently brush to avoid breaking the hair and avoid falling.

– Moisturizes with a nourishing mask the tips leaving the necessary time to take effect.

Avoid whenever you can use dryer, irons and curling irons, and if used to apply heat shield first capillary.

– At the end of the routine, apply a Serum tips moisturizing and repairing.


After facilitaros these basic tips for this season, we propose a routine for hair, to recover your hair moisturized and looks nice.

Routine hair fall

– Sanitizes your tips with a cut in the area most damaged, (You do not have to be an overcut, Spoiled only tips).

– Use a moisturizing Hairline, If your hair is very dry you can use the shampoo and mask, and if you have fat roots and dry ends, only the mask.

– If you use dryer, applying a heat shield.

– To end employs a moisturizing serum tips and avoid curling irons or whenever you can.


For this routine we propose to use our line of extreme hydration, HYALURONIC PRO, both you are liking among users and professional hairdressers.


In this line, designed for dry and brittle hair, we have 3 products.

– HYALURONIC PRO CLEANSING BALM, cleansing ointment superhidratante, based on hyaluronic acid and keratin, unsalted sulfates.

– HYALURONIC PRO MASK, hydrating mask, chia oil and hyaluronic acid. Without salt.

– HYALURONIC PRO REPAIR SERUM, Instant recovery with keratina, chia oil and hyaluronic acid.

moisturizing conditioner is also available, but for this time we recommend the mask.

'Soon we come back with more tips and tips!!

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