[:es]In summer our hair suffers

Turns up the heat, high temperatures and thus our hair dry and off.
Both swim in the pool, hours in the sun, saltpeter sea water ... make our hair damage.

What can we do to combat these effects?

The First we have to do is take care of our food, to have a healthy hair.

High temperatures cause the cuticle is open and thus the hair is dried. Take the hair pulled It is a good way to protect the time to go to the beach or pool, or just sunbathing. Although the best way to keep healthy is take it covered.

Clean up tips in a shorter period of time than usual.


What to do to keep hair hydrated?

In addition to all the above steps, there are certain tricks to keep your hair hydrated and healthy in summer.


When wash your hair, Use a mild shampoo, as our Gentle soothing shampoo, special for sensitive scalp, fighting the symptoms of dryness, descamación and irritación, so common in summer.


It is important to apply an appropriate mask. As we want is hydrate in depth our hair, use the Super mask Moisturizing. Thanks to its composition nourishes, repairs and moisturizes our hair from inside the hair fiber, leaving it more manageable and care. Leave on the time required for the treatment takes effect.


As for the hairstyle, it is easier to untangle our hair after applying the corresponding mask. Having more manageable hair, it breaks less combing.


After washing, the ideal is that hair air dry.

No abuse the dryers and irons, Combing there are many ways in summer without use.

If you leave dry hair only, and once dry you do a braid, when released you will remain beautiful waves, and your hair will be less punished.[:]

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