Hair? What Hair damaged by summer?

Saltpeter, Sun, the dips in the pool, are reasons that play a trick on our hair at this time of year. For this reason, in addition to care throughout the summer, we perform a ritual at the end of the warm months to return to our hair the vitality it deserves.

We recommend following these 3 Steps.


It is very likely that after the summer excesses notice your hair dry and damaged. You must make deep hydration treatment to intensely nourish your hair, and restore softness and lost body.


Color Retouching

Often happens, your hair changes color. Usually one or two shades clarified, and depending on the color you have your hair color may look very upset and need a new dye.


sanitation tips

In addition to the above steps they are very necessary, as a rule, always good to cut the ends to remove the area most damaged hair.


'You go to your centers and sought treatment Maurens post-summer!!

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